Oregon Dentistry Advocate Preventive Methods to Ensure Good Oral Hygiene

The aim of preventive dentistry in Grants Pass, Oregon is to prevent dental health problems through the combined efforts of the patient and the dentist. Regardless of how well-informed you are as a patient, professional guidance is essential. A Grants Pass dentist may pick up some new advice from an older patient regarding natural ways to scrape your tongue. Some hygienists and dentists may scoff at the idea of scraping one’s tongue. However, the tongue is also the most used organ of the mouth. We seldom think of it as the floor where dirt comes in.

Think about it this way. Everything that enters your mouth passes across your tongue. After all, the tongue moves food around in the mouth and goes back and forth on the inside of the gums and teeth to clean it.

Did you know that you can apply the advice given by old folks by using anything that’s convenient? As long as it is not too sharp such as a popsicle stick, washed poker chip, dull butter knife, or a tongue depressor. It doesn’t matter what you use. Just use your toothbrush if nothing else is available as it’s better than nothing.

Reasons Why You Need to Scrape Your Tongue

The problem is that the sulcus that is on the inside of the teeth tends to fill up with a plaque. Besides, the tongue is in constant contact with the gums and teeth to carry and deposit bacteria waste. Having a clean tongue does not hurt and scraping it will make your mouth feel much cleaner than before.

How to Scrape Your Tongue

Place your tongue depressor, spoon, toothbrush, or whatever else you decide on using at the back of your tongue. Be careful about putting it too far back. The secret to successful oral hygiene and doing it right is to be gentle and adopt a slow approach. Precision is more important than pressure.

Next, you need to gently scrape from the back to the front of your tongue. One will be amazed at how much debris comes off on the tongue scraper. You’ll also find that the tongue isn’t as sensitive as your gums or teeth.

Rinse off your tongue cleaning device every three or four strokes. Just 10 to 15 back-to-forth scrapes will ensure your tongue is cleaner than it ever has been in many years.

At this point, you may envision that the oral hygiene routine will take the better part of an hour if not longer to complete. One dental practitioner and his family implemented the mentioned tongue scraping technique, and it took less than 10 minutes a day.

Good Oral Hygiene Practices Suggested by Dental Professionals

Some individuals do not like brushing or flossing and would much rather argue with someone in their family for a couple of minutes. However, it is a necessary evil to ensure good oral health at all times.

To alleviate boredom, you may want to massage your gums one day, then scrape your tongue on another day. Concerning brushing and flossing, these dental health activities need to be done every day.

After all, dental floss prepares our teeth for cleaning as it loosens up plaque and food particles.

The word floss originates from a medieval German word “vlus,” meaning the wool on sheep. It is appropriate to use this terminology as dental floss removes the plaque from our teeth in a similar way shear would remove the fleece from sheep.

Even though floss is very thin in diameter, a strand is composed of hundreds of individual strands of nylon that is twisted around one another to make a single thread. Would you believe that as much as 250 strands are in a single thread?

Which is Best – Waxed or Unwaxed Dental Floss?

Whether you choose to use unwaxed or waxed floss, it is entirely a matter of personal choice, the only difference between the two types would be a layer of wax.

Those in support of unwaxed floss claim that it is harder and removes more debris and plaque. While it is true, on the flip side, extra hardness might be too rough on tender gums. Especially, if you are not used to flossing.

Waxed floss is softer and gentler than unwaxed floss. People who have periodontitis, gingivitis, or tender gums would favor the extra gentleness of waxed floss. The wax also lubricates your